Photoreactor TAK120 LC (Liquid-Cooled)

Our reactor features an enhanced cooling system. The TAK120LC uses a dual liquid-cooling technology so the probe-temperature can be controlled using an external chiller. If a Huber chiller is used, automatic adjustment and maintenance of the experimental temperature can be ensured. Each, the reactions and the LED boards, have their dedicated cooling circuits.

You can use up to five slots for your vials. The TAK120 LC gives you the possibility to adapt the vial-holder with just a few steps and use either small vials (D: 15 − 23 mm, H: 38 − 95 mm) or larger ones (D: 23 − 28 mm, H: 57 − 95 mm). This corresponds to approx. 2 to 40 ml per vial.

40 High Power LEDs drive your reactions. You can choose between different wavelengths. It is possible to choose dual-color LED boards. The irradiation power can be precisely managed via the menu on the control unit – each slot will be exposed to the same amount of light.

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